Sabbaticalog: Month 1

I’ve been on a sabbatical leave since January 1. I don’t want to get too hung up on trying to quantify productivity. And there is lots more to a “good” sabbatical than writing, but just so we’re clear that “sabbatical” ≠ “vacation”:

Here is what I have written over the first month of my sabbatical:

  • One grant application
  • Three blog posts (not including this one)
  • Reference letters for four students and one colleague (on average, about two letters each)
  • One grant application review
  • One external review of a teaching dossier

At a conservative guess, 50 or 60 pages in total.

Plus about 200 emails, 40-50 tweets (er, “microblog posts!”), and a whole bunch of notes on various things.

I’m hoping subsequent months will be more “productive” in the conventional academic sense – like, conference papers, journal articles, maybe some headway on a book manuscript. Reasons for optimism: We’re getting to the end of reference letter writing season. I am co-coordinating the Environmental Political Theory section of the WPSA meeting in March, and the program goes to the printer today, so there will be no more tinkering with that. And I am ironing out some kinks to establish a sabbatical working schedule/routine that really works.


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