Sabbaticalog Month 3

I was away for two separate week-long trips in March. One of these was work-related: the annual Western Political Science Association (affectionately pronounced “WHAP-sah”) conference in San Diego. For people like me who work in the area of Environmental (aka Green) Political Theory, this is the premier conference in North America, at least. As usual, it lived up to expectations, as I got to see/hear about lots of interesting work being done (and add some things to my reading list – this and this, for starters).

The other trip was not so clearly work-related: chaperoning my daughter’s choir‘s cultural exchange trip to Cuba. Aside from the attractiveness of the weather (28+ and sunny every day), it was fascinating to be in Havana just a few days before Obama, I got to hear some great Cuban music, and to watch a group of teenagers negotiate the whole cultural exchange process.

I’m hoping I will get to posting something longer than a couple of tweets on either or both of these. But the writing I actually got done this month:

  • Finished my paper for WPSA, “The (dis)taste for bottled water” (you can find it by searching for me here)
  • Discussant comments for a panel of three papers on Critical Theory and the Environment
  • One reference letter
  • One manuscript (article) review
  • About 160 emails and 14 tweets
  • I also wrote a short note to go with a donation to the Halifax Typographical Union (journalists at the Chronicle-Herald), who have been on strike for about 10 weeks now. It got quoted in a couple of tweets like this one.

Today also marks the halfway point of my sabbatical leave.


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