Sabbaticalog: Month 5


Writing done in this, the penultimate month of my sabbatical leave.

  • Two reference letters (one for a colleague, one for a student)
  • One grant review, one book manuscript review (and I wasn’t the infamous “reviewer #2” for either of them!)
  • Article about the Chronicle-Herald strike for CCPA Monitor
  • Another 1000 or so words on a book project that I am becoming more realistic/pessimistic about
  • Started a prospectus for a different (co-authored) book project
  • Working on revisions to my WPSA paper; hoping to have an article submitted within the next month, and if things go well, a second, related one underway.
  • No blog posts, but have started something that will either be a series of posts or a longer article.
  • ~60 microblog posts (tweets) and ~300 emails

I’ve also got one of my two course syllabi for the Fall already done, and the second one mostly done, and have a start on both of my Winter term courses as well.



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