Sabbaticalog: Month 6

Well, this is it: the end of the sabbatical. This month…

  • My WPSA paper (posted at the WPSA conference site here – search for my name) is being turned into two journal articles. The original conference paper was about 6000 words. The first article is almost done. It is about 9000 words, and I think most of them are actually the right words. Just needs a bit of polishing before I send it out. For the second one, I have about 2/3 of what I need written.
  • One conference paper proposal (written and submitted), for APPSA 2016.
  • One blog post published, or two if you count this one. Two more that are in progress.
  • Syllabi for both of my Fall courses are basically done (still tinkering, of course).
  • ~40 micro-blog posts (tweets) and ~300 emails

Tomorrow is a holiday, but Monday morning I will be back in the office and resuming my term as department head. I know I will have a few administrative duties to get done pretty much right away, but some of them are actually nice ones. Hopefully there won’t be too many unpleasant surprises… and I will be able to finish up some of the unfinished things above, as well as other things I’ve recently committed to, like reviewing this book for the Canadian Historical Review.

Speaking of books: there is a story at my university – perhaps not even apocryphal – about a now-retired colleague who once submitted a sabbatical leave proposal that consisted entirely of a list of books that he proposed to read. Over the last six months, it has been nice to be able to tuck into these books (none of which I read because I had agreed to review it or put it on a course syllabus):

  • John Meyer, Engaging the Everyday
  • Gay Hawkins, Kane Race, and Emily Potter, Plastic Water
  • Jason W. Moore, Capitalism in the Web of Life
  • Timothy Mitchell, Carbon Democracy
  • Romand Coles, Visionary Pragmatism
  • John Hultgren, Border Walls Gone Green

And now, one last sabbatical task:






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